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General questions.


I've been using Above & Beyond  for years. How do I upgrade to the latest version?

Just Download Above & Beyond and then Order a license upgrade.


Does Above & Beyond  work with Windows 10 and 11?

Yes, the latest version of Above & Beyond  works with Windows 11/10/7/8/95/98/NT/2000/Me, XP, XP Tablet Edition and  Vista.


What are the prices for new licenses and upgrades?



iPhone or iPad version?

Yes, we are developing a version of Above & Beyond for the iPhone and iPad. If you'd like to be notified, click send an email to iOS <at>


Palm Pilot support?

Yes, there is full (bidirectional) Palm Pilot Hot Sync support in Above & Beyond.

Palm Pilot FAQ


Windows Phone?

We are considering developing a version of Above & Beyond that will run natively on Windows Phones. If you'd like to be notified if and when it's ready, send this message.


Outlook Sync?

We are planning to add the capability to sync with Outlook. Currently Outlook data can be imported into Above & Beyond . It is not known if or when this feature will be ready for release. If you'd like to be notified if and when it's ready, send this message.


Site licenses

Are multiple user licenses available at a discounted price?

Yes. See Site license prices. Any questions, Contact. 





The Notebook does not run on Windows 64 systems. An upgrade to the Notebook may be developed and released sometime in the future.


Windows 7 and Vista

I'm new to using Above & Beyond with 7 or Windows Vista. When I try to exit Above & Beyond session it won't close (or changes to my data are not saved). What's going on?

For security, Windows 7 and Vista insist on your having set permission to modify the data files. Open Windows Explorer and select the Above & Beyond folder in C:\Program Files. Right click and choose Properties. Then select the Security tab and check the box for full permissions for the user. Note: this is not an issue in Above & Beyond 2010 and later releases.


New users

System Requirements

Above & Beyond : Any PC running Windows 7 or Windows Vista/XP/2000/95/98/Me/NT. 2 MB free disk space.


What are the differences between Lite and Pro modes?

The Lite version is only $33 and matches the features of the other PIMs on the market with the exceptional ease-of-use that has made Above & Beyond famous. Choose the Pro version ($99) to maximize your productivity and save an hour a day with Dynamic Scheduling. It's Dynamic Scheduling that makes Above & Beyond the leading PIM. Your time is valuable. The PRO version should pay for itself in two weeks or less simply by saving you so much time. The PRO version has many additional features such as time accounting. The same A&B.exe program file has both modes. PRO has all the features of LITE plus much more. To switch between LITE and PRO, use Options:Preferences. Exclusive PRO Features


If I order the Lite version, can I later upgrade to Pro?

Yes. You can upgrade to Pro at any time. Current Prices


How long may I evaluate Above & Beyond before I have to decide if I want to buy a license?

It is a 60-day nag-free evaluation. The evaluation provides full functionality.


What happens when I order a license?

We send you a user ID via email which you enter once in Options:Enter User ID. This prevents reminder messages from appearing and interrupting your work, which would happen if you didn't register.


What happens after the evaluation period is up?

If you fail to register, messages reminding you to register begin to appear. Data saving is disabled. This means new items cannot be added or changes made. You get a 3 day grace period to allow time for your order to reach us (some corporations need time to cut a check and mail it). If you don't register and enter your user ID by the end of the grace period, the reminders to register increase in frequency. It does not "blow up" or stop working.


Can I enter real data during evaluation and will everything be preserved for further use?

Yes. Even if you are unregistered, Above & Beyond retains all your data in anticipation of your registering one day.


Can I make copies of Above & Beyond  for others to try?

Absolutely. Please do. Many of our current users got it from a good friend such as you.

The single self-extracting .exe you downloaded is ideal to give them. If you no longer have that file, you can give them the contents of your Above & Beyond folder, omitting the timedata.* files and the notes folder which contain your personal data. By the way, your name and user ID are stored in your timedata.* files.


How do I uninstall?

To uninstall Above & Beyond, you can use the Windows Control Panel to Add/Delete Programs. To manually uninstall, simply delete the Above & Beyond folder found in c:\Program Files folder.


Will installing an update/upgrade preserve my old data?

Absolutely. Only program files are replaced whenever you install Above & Beyond. You can either install the new version to the same folder or a new one.


How do I return to an older version?

Simply reinstall the older version. If you need to download it, click here.


Will Above & Beyond run on a Mac?

Yes, if you have Connectix Virtual PC or equivalent. Another option  is Boot Camp which let's you run Windows XP on the Mac.


Will Above & Beyond run on Linux?

Yes, Above & Beyond will run on SuSE
Linux 10.1 using latest (alpha) Wine Windows emulation.


Are non-English language versions of Above & Beyond available?

Not at this time. If you are interested in becoming a international partner with 1Soft, e-mail to Contact

Can I suggest new features?

Yes. We welcome your suggestions for changing or adding features. Your e-mail message is added to our "suggestions" folder we keep on hand and your message will be reviewed as we are designing new releases of Above & Beyond.


How reliable is Above & Beyond ?

Above & Beyond is much more reliable than most other software. It is rare that it will crash, but a crash may happen every 40-200 hours of use. If changes were made in the last minute before a crash, you will need to re-enter those changes. Above & Beyond automatically saves your data every 60 seconds in case of power, hardware or software failure.

Total loss of data occurs to about 2-3 users out of every 1000 users annually, most often due to hard drive failure.

Should I make backups?

Yes, at least daily. Back up the Above & Beyond  folder.

How many users are running Above & Beyond all day long, every day?



Is Above & Beyond the best PIM on the market?

Yes, when it comes to managing your time, Above & Beyond is far and away the best. No other PIM has floating items and can arrange your schedule automatically. It's this dynamic scheduling that is the most unique feature of Above & Beyond .

The contact manager that comes with Above & Beyond is very basic. Some users substitute another program to manage phone numbers and addresses. Above & Beyond allows you to customize the toolbar icon to have one-click access to your contacts.


Why is Above & Beyond so easy to use?

It comes from its over 30 years of research and development, constant scrutiny and refinement.


Using Above & Beyond


I have a network. Can some schedules be PRO and some LITE?

Yes. Each PRO or LITE schedule will appear with all the PRO/LITE  features when viewed, regardless of which workstation it's being viewed from.


I'm using Windows Vista and I see something strange. The data files I see with Windows Explorer are old. What's going on?

Vista stores your data files in a different location. The data files in the folder where you installed Above & Beyond (default: c:\Program Files\Above & Beyond) are not kept up to date, due to Vista's security features. Vista stores them instead in the folder c:\Users\[name]\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Above & Beyond.


What happens when I delete a project?

If you delete a project that has items assigned to it you will get a warning message informing you that all associated items will have all references to the project removed. The items themselves will not be deleted.

How do I stop Above & Beyond from loading automatically whenever I restart my PC?

In Above & Beyond 2004 and newer versions, there's a checkbox option in Options:Preferences that will enable or disable automatic loading when your PC is restarted.

If you have an older version of Above & Beyond , you can do this: Windows programs that load automatically are controlled in the Startup folder. You need to delete the shortcut A&B.exe from that Startup folder. To locate it, follow these steps: right click on the Start menu, left click on Explore, on the right pane, double-click on Programs, double-click on Startup.


How do I transfer Above & Beyond to a new PC and keep my existing data?

(1) Run the installation program on the new PC. You can obtain the installation program from the download page.

(2) Copy the data files, including any subfolders such as Notes from the old PC's Above & Beyond folder to new PC's Above & Beyond folder. You can find out the folder name by using the command File, Name, Data File while running Above & Beyond.

(3) If you're a registered user, you will not have to re-enter your user ID, because it is stored in one of the files you moved over, the timedata.pak file. The timedata.pak contains your present schedule data, except for notes, which are stored in the Notes folder.

(4) Since some settings are stored in the win.ini file, you may find you have to re-set some. Choose Options:Preferences after you open Above & Beyond on the new PC. Other settings that may need to be customized to how you previously had them are in Options: Settings.

(5-workgroups only) If the PC you are replacing is the server for a workgroup installation of Above & Beyond, then you will also want to copy the C:\AB folder, including its subfolders to the new PC's C: drive.


My computer crashed.  Everything on the hard drive was recovered.  What files should I bring over from the old hard drive and where should I put them so I can pick up where I left off?

Refer to the information on transfering Above & Beyond to a new PC (see above).


We have a network, with data in the server. Some of our PCs show their own data instead of the shared data. How do we get everyone on the same "page."

Use the menu command File:Name:Data file from each PC to where it's pointing. On any PCs that aren't pointing to c:\AB\... on the server, use File:Open to open the timedata.pak in the right location. Thereafter it automatically recall that location and use the data from that location when you start AB


What are the Keep, Delete and Shift carry-over options?

All three options apply to instances that were not done on the day being carried over. Keep means instances will be carried over, Delete means the instance will be deleted and Shift means the item will be carried over and subsequent instances will be shifted accordingly. Shift only applies to items that are some number of days, weeks or months in cycle. If you're doing something every 3 days, and an instance appearing yesterday was not done, with the Shift option, all future items will be shifted one day when you invoke the carry-over.


What is the Melt carry-over option?

When you enable "Melt" for a recurring item, instances will automatically convert to floating on the day they occur. This is designed for items you do on a recurring basis, but don't have to be done precisely on a particular day.



Frequently asked  Questions from users upgrading from an earlier version


Installation errors and solutions


ComponentMoveData had error -132.

Don't try to re-install while running Above & Beyond. Exit first.


105 error

If you get a 105 error when trying to install, it means that your download was incomplete. Download again, being sure it completes, and then run the downloaded file to install Above & Beyond.


The installation stops right after progress graphic displays briefly or an error message that is something like "system file not suitable for running MS-DOS and 16-bit Windows applications."

Microsoft had a bug in the installation program for Windows XP service pack 2. If you get this error it's a clue that you have a corrupted system file. For details on how to fix it, click XP Service Pack fix. This problem doesn't occur on new systems, only on those where the user has upgraded their system to Service Pack 2.



If your question was not answered, you can send a message to  Contact.


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