1Soft is an innovative, successful, software development company near Eugene, Oregon. We publish  Above & Beyond , the premier PIM for professionals and organizations. Contact 1Soft.
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"Paying attention to the real-world needs of time-crunched computer users propels Above & Beyond past commercial PIMs."
-Computer Shopper 2/97


1Soft Corporation was founded in 1986 and is located near Eugene, Oregon. Its president is Greg Thorne.

Thorne has a passion for time management. He invented the concept of dynamic scheduling in 1982, while studying computer science at Boston University. Like many inventions, Above & Beyond was born out of necessity. He had too much to do and not enough time to do it. The first version was written using artificial intelligence and ran on a 10 millon dollar computer.

During the next ten years he developed and refined the software algorithms used in Above & Beyond. Then in 1992, 1Soft introduced the company's premier product, Above & Beyond. In the span of ten years on the market, Above & Beyond has become a million-seller and won numerous awards. Thorne crafts the constant design and programming refinements that enhance each successive release of Above & Beyond.  His software is widely regarded as the world's best time management tool.

Product Development Philosophy
1Soft dedicates itself to helping people make the most of their time and thereby realize their greatest potential. The company has been inundated with letters from users delighted with how Above & Beyond has changed their lives. Many say they have been searching for years to find a program that works this way

1Soft's main focus is on Above & Beyond. By focusing on a single product, 1Soft plans to develop the dynamic method to its ultimate quality, maximizing the benefits that can be attained by using this software and make the greatest contribution possible in the lives of millions of people worldwide.

Development is ongoing and new versions are released regularly. Above & Beyond is offered on a try-before-you-buy basis to allow users to discover how well it performs in their actual daily use.


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