As a long time Above &Beyond user I would like to know more about upgrading to the latest version.

Currently I am running A&B 2006 (or A&B 4.0 or 98, etc). All of my timedata files, e.g. timedata.pak, are in my C: \Program Files\Above & Beyond folder .

I have just downloaded A&B 2007

Please answer the following:

1. When I install A&B 2007 will I still be able to access my present schedule data? Will I have to transfer files to a different folder to be able or access my items?

It will be seamless. Simply install and launch. Your data will be there.

2. Under A&B 2007 where will timedata and log files be located?

C: \Program Files\Above & Beyond

3. In case after running A&B 2007 for a while, I decide not to upgrade how to I revert to my previous version?

In that case, you would simply download the previous version and install. The user ID registration is retained in your timedata.pak data file automatically.

4. Is A&B 2007 as downloaded the Pro or the Lite version? The text describes it as the "Pro" version but illustrates the "Lite" version.

They're just modes of the same file. It will start in Pro mode, since you've been using Pro.

5. advertises the price as $49.95. As stated in your web site the upgrade price for the Lite version is $ 29.95 and upgrade from my Pro version to A&B 2007 Pro would be $69.95.

The price listed on is the price for new Lite users.

6. How do I purchase the upgrade and obtain a new user ID?

Visit and you can purchase with a credit card. Be sure to type in your user name exactly as it appears on the top of your Above & Beyond main window.