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Download - Above & Beyond 2004

  1. Download the latest:

    AB2004.exe 1.7Mb (about 6 mins at 28kbps).
  2. Double-click the downloaded file to have Above & Beyond 2004 install itself.
  3. View details of new features, bug fixes and enhancements in the Help topic "What's New in Above & Beyond 2003."

Notes on the current Beta release:

Beta testing in Above & Beyond 2004 has been completed.

Beta Testing
If you would like to beta test, join our mailing list and you'll be notified as beta updates are posted here for download. Send an e-mail to support6a[at] to be placed on the beta list, and include "beta" on the subject line.

The benefit to beta testing is that you can test to make sure the features most important to you are working and satisfactory to you before the production release. The developers are receptive during beta testing to making changes and correcting bugs. No changes are expected to be made after beta testing ends, so do your testing early. You do not get a free license or other compensation for beta testing. 


If you have a Windows CE device and want to be notified when Above & Beyond adds support for Windows CE, send a message to support6a[at] with the subject line "WinCE". Comments are welcome.

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