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People have traditionally used four common reminder systems. There are some drawbacks to each of these methods, but fortunately today we have a solution that improves on all of them: Above & Beyond.

Conventional Methods

Physical view Leaving items to work on in physical view is the simplest organization system, but is limited in its effectiveness. Offices and desks soon become cluttered and stacked so high with objects, that some become hidden, and easily missed. Above & Beyond allows you to schedule all tasks a changeable flow, so your tasks are listed before you, in Order of priority and urgency. In addition, you can review past schedules to check on completion date and the time it took to complete the project, something the physical view method just doesn't accomplish.

In-baskets and action folders. These work well for certain types of tasks, but only as far as they are uniform in priority, duration and deadline. Above & Beyond gives you many priority options, letting you decide when a task needs to be completed and with a varying degree of urgency. You can schedule a time frame for each project so, when you look at your schedule you know exactly how long to dedicate to each item. If a project takes more or less time, Above & Beyond automatically shifts your schedule to accommodate the change, which is impossible with in-baskets.

Appointment calendars Appointment books and calendars are fine for general meeting times, but not for general work load scheduling. Fixed-length slots make multi-task days an intimidating mess, while time changes and priority shifts lead only to cross-outs and confusion. Above & Beyond simply eclipses the appointment calendar with its dynamic scheduling, allowing the user to shift, change and reschedule events with one simple click. New events and time changes are seamlessly integrated into your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly schedules.

To-do lists are only a good starting point. They don't create a clear plan for effectively completing the tasks. Unstructured to-do lists can quickly become lengthy, making it easy to lose track of items that need to be done in a timely matter. Above & Beyond eliminates the need to scan your to-do list all day long. It dynamically arranges a plan optimally so that nothng gets missed, and everything gets done as soon as possible. And the plan is updated in real-time whenever you make an adjustment.

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