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Above & Beyond
Time Management
Dynamic Scheduling
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Above & Beyond
Dynamic Scheduling Yes  
Workload Balancing Yes  
Unified Viewing Yes  
Manipulate Task List Order Yes  
Group Scheduling over LANs Yes Yes*
Projects Yes  
Sync with Palm Pilot Yes  
Timers Yes  
Seamless Review of Archived Data Yes  
History of Completed Tasks Yes  
World Timeline Yes  
Color Utilization Calendar Yes  
Time Graph Yes  
Agents Yes  
Time Budgeting Yes  
Reports on Time Usage Yes  
Insertion of Surprise Items Yes  
Multiple Monthly Occurrences Yes  
Nearest Monthly Occurrences Yes  
Macros Yes  
Free Technical Support Yes  

(* Workgroups: Unlike Outlook, Above & Beyond does not require purchasing and maintaining expensive Exchange server software and hardware to share schedules and arrange meetings. Unlike Outlook, Above & Beyond can share schedules and arrange meetings with your existing LAN.)

Dynamic Scheduling
Dynamic Scheduling is the ability to have tasks float in the schedule to where time is open. Without dynamic scheduling tasks can only appear in a schedule if a static time is explicitly affixed.
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Workload Balancing
Work load Balancing is the ability to manage the many tasks with some amount of flexibility among their possible days.
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Unified View
A unified view allows you to see tasks in the schedule, instead of forcing you to divide your view between an appointment calendar and a to do list. back to chart

History of Completed Items
A record of when you completed tasks.
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World Timeline
A display of the current time in different time zones around the world
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Agents allow you to launch applications automatically at a preset time.
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Multiple Monthly Occurrences
In defining a Monthly recurring item you may want to have the item occur on more than one day of the month, e.g. the 5th and 20th of the month.
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Nearest Monthly Occurrences
Nearest allows you to define a monthly recurring item for particular days of the month nearest appropriate weekdays. Suppose you want to do something on the nearest business day not after the 15th of the month. Without Nearest, there is   way to schedule this automatically.
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Free Technical Support
Tech support on Outlook is expensive.
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