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What's New in Above & Beyond 2004

New features:

Two-way Palm Sync.

Instant background dynamic rescheduling of all floating tasks (replacing the every 15 minute autopilot).

Floating tasks with deadlines automatically scheduled no later than deadlines, instead of you having to respond to prompts.

Automatic time stamping in attached notes. The way you indicate that you want automatic time stamps is to begin your note with a timestamp. (Ctrl+D). No spaces. Time stamps are automatically added at the end of any attached note that you open. To remove an automatic timestamp, press Ctrl+Z right after the note is opened and the timestamp has appeared. If you have any blank lines a line is skipped before adding the time stamps. In this way you can choose either single line logging or a new paragraph for each log entry.

Sunrise, Sunset, chimes

Moon rise/set

High and Low tide, including graphical display of tide height

Clock Sync Web. Will automatically synchronize your PC’s clock with the web when you're connected to web if it gets off by more than 1 second. This update is done daily when you're running AB. (at 3am and on AB open).

Backup program. reads backup.txt

Indicator graphic of planned or unplanned done items. Uses ‘+’ symbol in display of scheds.

Addition of Marval per week, month and year displays in General Item dialog box.

Which birthday or anniverary? If you put a 4 digit year in an annual item it will show the number of years in parens.



Notes pop-up edit views independent of main window. This makes it easier to work with browser windows or other applications. In AB 2000 and previous releases you had to resize the main AB window down to the width of the note and put it behind the note because every time you clicked on the note, it brought all of AB to the front of the screen which would otherwise cover up a browser window. Now you can even minimize AB and the open note(s) will stay up.

Background Workload Balance used for Split items.

Split Task Report enhanced to print 3-up instead of  1-up (1 day per line), the maximum report is now 3-times greater.

Floating tasks: Quick Place when they are added or refined.

 New key command: the backspace will allow you to jump back to where you were after moving an item on priority list

When you undone an item, it restore the original length.

 Stock quote display support added for new decimal values

Added the cancelled command for cancelled done items.

Changed limit on Annual recurring from 9 years to 99 years.

Added differentiation for Years of age not just days.

Changed shadowing on schedule display so that it only appears on sysdat. this means that future dates will look different, so you don't mess up.

Marvals display on scheds, plist to show normalized (hourly) value in parens.

Changed project invoice from tenths to hundreds of hour.

Made the borders around items in printed schedules an option in preferences.

Made the (redness) color priority (marval) cube configurable: added edit fields and spin control in  Options:settings:balance workload

Added “closed” indicator on Stock Price for when Markets are closed.

Changes to define box: "Key" instead of "Vital." Will make the chrono reports make more sense. Soon I'll change chrono report so you can do a report of the past, not just the future. Changed Timezone to Place.

World timeline turns on automatically when click OK in preferences.

Increased the # of projects listed in popup with left click on cube from 20 to 100.

Restricted right popcal mouse reschedule to PRO users only.

Hot key Shift+Insert meaning changed from Insert Event to Insert Task.

Simplification of the Insert Task dialog box. Use General box for floating tasks.

Blue moons (occur every 2-3 years eg. july 04, May 07, Dec 09) added to moon phases.

Moon phases in Australia and southern hemisphere now appear as they do locally (orientation reversed from northern hemisphere).



Bug Fixes:

Fixed Pause feature: the segment preceeding the interruption was not having the duration adjusted.

Fixed bug: Schedule Banner display of total Marval was not summing marval’s of conflicted items weren't being counted.

Fixed bug: GPF (Illegal op) when worktool path > 80 characters (including .exe path). Increased the buffer in LauchApp from 81 to 281 so it will work in the future release.

Fixed bug: Uppercase WWW was not allowed, only www in URL designation. Now both OK.

Added code to RefreshData() so that if one is off by exactly one hour, it assumes that's OK. This has something to do with DST and was causing repeated Refreshes of Data, slowing AB to a crawl and losing changes. This occurred on the day DST started. Problem might be Windows 2000. 

Fixed bugs in Search backwards. Removed GetTerminalChainLock (was causing out of memory condition after a couple years of searching) and increased from 3 mos to 1 year how often it asks if you want to continue searching. Also changed test to make sure it didn't go below MINDAT on backward search. Doing so was causing a SysError before.

Fixed Stock alert bug; price was not initialized to 0, and so if bad returned data, could get odd result.

Fixed bug: archived dates had some items with wiped out project indicator. Was because using the same LastActID int to be the project#. But in past items, only 16 bit WORDs store the project ID. Solution was to create a new TSHeader field LastProjectID of word length and increment that when inserting new projects. Preexisting projects that have IDs greater than 65k will have to be deleted and re inserted.

Fixed bug in Workload balancing where it puts up a prompt as to whether to extend deadline or not. The string had been empty because it was using ss(58) instead of ss(20). There was no string 58.

Fixed UTILACTS220 during automatic carry-over. I added a ValidAct() check in DoCarryOverItems() which traps the problem and allows a user to open AB.

Fix bug: if enter end time of 1159pm on done item dlg it clears out begin and end time.

Fixed a bug/quirk. NextDoneTask() used by AdjustDoneFitGap() [and MarkTaskDone()] was requiring pin to be after arg beg, and if not ignored it. This meant that if one did a fit to gap on a done item, it would put in wrong len first until you did it a second time.


What's new in Above & Beyond 2000


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