Above and Beyond , PIM by 1Soft new features demo

Above & Beyond 4.0 Display Enhancements

Image of main screen in Above and Beyond 4.0 Project Color Cubes
Show the project each item belongs to.

Batting Order
Focus on what's at hand. The next seven undone items in your schedule are numbered 1 though 7.

Overextended Items
Until now, when a floating item wouldn't fit, its latest begin time showed in gray. Not only could this be hard to read, but it didn't give an indication of how far the schedule was extended. Above & Beyond 4.0 solves both problems by having the extended time appear in red.

Color Styles
Set display color styles for fluid items, done items.

Let's say you attempt but are unable to complete a task - such as making a phone call and not getting through. A single keystroke logs an "attempt" as done and reschedules the item.

Last Done
The new Last Done macro tells you when a recurring item last occurred.

Rotation Macro
Rotate a recurring item through a list of selections automatically. The text may vary in length and there may be any number of selections. Run back up tape {1|2|3|4} would produce recurring instances as : Run Back up Tape 1, Run Back up Tape 2, Run Back up Tape 3, Run Back up Tape 4.

World Time line
Know when best to phone worldwide. You now have the option of displaying the current times of six cities of your choosing along the bottom of the screen at all times.

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