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Today's leading time management PIM software.

The PIM for Success - Above & Beyond 2003 


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Above & Beyond is the powerful Windows PIM software (personal information manager) for planning, managing, and tracking your active business and personal life. Everything for time management. Dynamic schedules organize your workflow, enter recurring activities, view and print day, week or month calendars. Above & Beyond also includes a pop-up calendar, alarms, task and event timers, contact database, and much more. Of all the PIMs and organizers on the market, Above & Beyond is the #1 pick and the most popular. A great organizer. Above & Beyond is the PIM for success. And in the spirit of freeware and shareware, you can try it free for 60 days!

Built-in LAN support helps managers balance workloads, assign new tasks, prioritize work, and arrange group meetings.  


Start using Above & Beyond today. It's the most powerful and flexible PIM you can buy.

Above & Beyond  is much more than an appointment calendar and project manager. It's the only day planner you need. Use it to organize to-do lists, meetings, phone calls, and business appointments. Select day, week, monthly, alphabetical, or priority views of your schedule and then print them out.

Store contact information, make meetings, create recurring appointments, and share schedules. Above & Beyond is the perfect PC-based time management solution. It's your PIM for success.

PIM helps you be efficient
  • Focus on items that bring high results and move you closer to your goals.
  • Balance your tasks and projects with the actual time you have available.
  • Split large projects into definable tasks and generate reports and invoices.
  • Track time for accurate, itemized billing and maximum profit.
  • Review the schedules of your staff to monitor progress and help set priorities.




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